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Magical music inspired by the folklore of King Arthur, New Avalon was recorded from 1985 to 1987. The original album was available on cassette tape, distributed by Pyramid Distributors. In all, several thousand copies of New Avalon were sold and are/were in existence somewhere. Steve Knox at FIlmcor in Hollywood transferred the 2-track tape masters to DAT tape in 1988 and this CD was taken from that DAT and remastered. All instruments were performed by Joey Latimer.

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight (3:03)
The Messenger / The Message (1:39)
If Merlin Had A Time Machine (3:12)
The Road To Glastonbury (4:09)
Stonehenge Pilgrimage (2:57)
Two On A Rope (2:30)
Lady Of The Lake (3:29)
Mists Of Summer #1 (1:37)
The Great Stairway (1:53)
The Royal Flower Hunt (1:08)
On Maxwell’s Scenic Trail (3:33)
The Court Of King Plenty (2:15)
Idylls Of The King (2:37)
Procession (0:52)
Connecticut Yankee In California (2:11)
New Avalon (3:28)
Mists Of Summer #2 (1:59)

All songs ©1985-2005 by Joey Latimer (BMI)

Special thanks to Elaine, Erin, Cleo, Warren, Robin, Cedar, Jackson, Frank Ferro, Lee Miracle, Chris Ashby, Harold Taylor, Bob Bennett, Larry Dunlap, Joe Naspini, Wayne Johnston, Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Opcode Systems, MOTU, Idyllwild Arts, and everyone else who helped with the project. Cover photos by Larry Latimer.

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